The End of Thanksgiving & Beginning of Cookie Season

Thanksgiving is THE big holiday in my family. We are all about getting together cooking, eating too much, and having a few drinks together. Sadly my brother wasn’t able to make it home for the holiday. Something about having too much school work and being responsible. I would post a thanksgiving recipe, but I think my mother would skin me alive if I let it out of the family.

So I will skip the turkey, roasted brussel sprouts, and multiple pies, even with my deep and abiding love of pie. Pie totally kicks Cake’s butt almost any day of the week. Though this post is talking about cookies. I like baking cookies. They are usually pretty easy and make so many. I make big batches and give some away to my boyfriend, friends, and the leftovers end up in the graduate lounge. My family makes certain cookies only for Christmas, so they are almost as important as the Thanksgiving recipes. Since we have these special recipes I’ve begun to develop my own favorite cookie recipes, but I’m not posting any cookie recipes today.

I am again participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. This is the 2nd annual cookie swap. Last year I was lucky enough to get cookies from A Half Baked Life and Life’s a Batch. I’m looking forward to sending my cookies out to new blogger friends! I’ll be posting my recipe on December 12th. I’m determine to get the cookies sent out, post my recipe on time, and survive my first semester of grad school finals!

Back to work on papers and take home exams.

Until later, life is short, lick the spoon!


4 responses to this post.

  1. I have been making cookies like crazy. It’s so hard not to sample but so far I’m doing okay. Happy cookie baking season to you! Hope you post what you come up with


  2. Just got mine from you yesterday! I loved them! I can’t wait for the recipe!


  3. I just got my cookies!! Thank you so much! We all love them and can’t wait for the recipe!


  4. I’m glad to hear you both received your cookies! I’m posting the recipe tomorrow! I’ve been a bit distracted making it through finals.


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